2737 BC

The origin of green tea began in China during the year 2737 BC. This discovery happened by chance when the Chinese Emperor Shennong accidentally drank boiling water with a tea leaf in it. The Emperor found the flavor incredibly refreshing, Since then, a new drink has been discovered.

Year 800 AD

In 800 AD during the Tang Dynasty, A Chinese man named Lu Yu published an innovative book known as “Classic Tea”. This book was the first written work explaining the culture and art of green tea.

19th Century

In the nineteenth century, green tea, a favorite of many, was brought to the West by European explorers. Due to its wonderful flavour, It was a popular commodity and became the national drink of Great Britain, along with black tea. Within a short period of time, green tea appeared in large numbers in America when it was shipped there by settlers. Tea was soon acquired by colonists and became so popular that Parliament imposed a tea tax in 1767.

Past few decades

During the past few decades, Green tea has grown rapidly in popularity. In the cafes, one can find many green tea drinks ranging from hot jasmine green tea to iced matcha latte. In addition to the various flavors of green tea, Many of its health benefits have been discovered as a result of containing a lot of antioxidants. It seems that the more we learn about this wonderful tea, the more The more impressive it becomes, the more useful it is to us.

Fun fact:
Green tea has been called “bullet tea” because it resembles the shape of bullets when shipped.

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