Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Rabea Express and the Original taste?

Rabea Tea Express and the original taste are the same, the difference is only in the name of the product as Rabea’s original taste is the main name of the product and after updating the shape and design of the package it became Rabea Express

Do you have the wooden package from Rabea?

Rabea wooden box is a limited edition that was previously produced and distributed, and unfortunately, it is not available at the moment

Can I buy directly from Rabea?

In case the required quantity is a bulk, yes you can, simply contact us via the contact us form. As for individual orders, unfortunately, it is not available at the moment.

what is the difference between special blend tea and extra strong tea?

What distinguishes the Special blend Tea?

The Special blend tea contains 5 types of tea from different regions, and this variety gives a distinct flavor and ensures a stable high quality

What distinguishes the extra strong tea loss or bags of other teas?

Extra strong tea is a dust tea, that is why it’s distinguished from others by the strength of flavor, taste, and rich color, and this is due to the speed and strength of mixing soft tea with water.

Why Rabea Express has a balanced taste and color?

Because tea leaves are in the form of pellets, it takes longer than other teas to mix with water to deliver the great flavour and color

What distinguishes the blend of tea experts?

The expert blend of Rabea tea full leaf is a special selection of tea made by our experts from the finest tea plantations around the world to deliver a unique full flavor, taste, and aroma, which improves your mood throughout the day

What is the Rabea full leaf tea?

Rabea’s full Leaf Tea is brought to you from the best and finest tea plantations around the world
Which gives you a smell and taste that improves your mood throughout the day

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