Here are the most important steps involved in making green tea:

1- Picking

The thin upper buds along with the adjacent leaves are plucked using the thumb and forefinger to ensure the quality and flavor of the tea. On some large farms, mechanically harvested, Resulting in more broken leaves and partial shoots, The leaves are then transported in open trailers to the factory for processing.


Heat accumulates on the leaves during its transfer, So they are spread out on trays and sprinkled with a small amount of water to cool them faster.

3- Roasting or frying

Once the leaves have cooled and regained their freshness, They are fed into the roasting machine and processed for 20 minutes at intervals.

4- Re-cooling

The hot, roasted leaves are then spread evenly over perforated trays and cool air is blown on them from below. Leaves are removed from the heater and cooled, ready for the next step.

5- Drying

The drying process helps stop the enzymatic reaction and oxidation to get a stable product that can be stored for a certain period without any quality defect. The drying process of green tea is more important because it is during it that it acquires some desirable properties such as flavor and color.

6- Preliminary sifting and final sieving

To sort leaves that are not completely dry or that retain part of their wet content, The tea is put into a sieve. Since completely dry leaves are smaller than coarse leaves that are not completely dry, The fine particles pass through the holes and the coarse leaves that are not completely dry remain to undergo further drying.

After drying is completed, The green tea is ready for final processing and sorting. The tea leaves pass through a set of sorting machines that separate the products according to their size. Whole, unbroken leaves with the most silver buds and devoid of stems are of the highest quality. Having more buds ensures better quality because it adds sweetness to the tea and gives it many health benefits. Tea with broken leaves and stems and a small amount of white buds is considered medium grade. Tea is smaller and has broken leaves and no buds

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